Nondini (2014) by Rakib Musabbir Mp3 Album Download

Nondini (2014) by Rakib Musabbir Mp3 Album Download


Album Name: Nondini
Banner: Laser Vision
Artist:  Rakib Musabbir, Era, Konika,Robin
Year: 2014
Format: Mp3
Original Track:08
Bitrate: 192kbps
Encoded by: Dhokabazz

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Tracklist Download

04. Mon Udashi by Rakib Mosabbir-( – 6.0 MB
01. Mon Mane Na by Rakib Mosabbir-( – 5.5 MB
02. Nondini by Polok Odhikari-( – 6.2 MB
03. Tumi Ki Amar by Rakib N Era-( – 5.1 MB
05. Tumi Bihone by Rakib Mosabbir-( – 6.1 MB
06. Madhobilota by Konika Ray-( – 6.2 MB
07. Monto Diyechi by Konika N Robin-( – 6.8 MB
08. Sharat Sondha by Konika Ray-( – 7.3 MB


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Uppit Download Link

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