Cholo Bangladesh | Acappella | Cryptic Fate Cover

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The Acappalla version of Cryptic Fate’s famous “Cholo Bangladesh”, arranged and co-ordinated by BeatBaksho (

Everything in this song has been done with use of vocals, beatbox and body percussions. No other instruments were used.

Artists who sang their voices to the making of the:

Farhan Samad (Cryptic Fate)
Elita Karim (
Sufi (
Rafa (
BeatBaksho a.k.a Shanto (
Sifat Hasan (
Xefer Rahman (
Rubayet & Shuvro (
Ronesh (Han-x)
Deep (S.I.X)
Shoshi (Moon Stars Studio)
Rezwan Ashraf (Studio Warp/S.I.X/Shrapnel Method)
A.K. Rahul (Trainwreck/Poraho)
A.K. Samee, A.K. Ratul, Pritom & Fasih (Owned)
Tridib (Mechanix)

Intro/Pre-Chorus/Chorus by Shanto (BeatBaksho)
Verses by Ronesh (Han-x)

Body Percussion:
Rakin & Asif (
Abtahi & Shuvro (Studio 13)

Audio Stream:

Mixed, mastered and produced by Rezwan Ashraf (S.I.X / Shrapnel Method) of Studio Warp
Special Thanks to Rafa (Hotbox), Farhan Samad (Cryptic Fate’s Studio) and Riad.
Also to Rushnaf Wadud and Mir Rabby of Radio Shadhin 92.4 FM

Powered by Bongo (
Radio Partner: Radio Shadhin 92.4 FM
Video Produced by Finding Bangladesh
Supported by Bangladesh YouTubers.

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